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AMC Soda Blasting is the brainchild of world-class cleaning and soda blasting contractors who are passionate about the need for positive disruption in the industry. We are your one-stop destination for all of soda blasting needs in NSW, Sydney & surrounding areas.

In the case that you are on a budget, our mobile soda blasting service is cost-effective while we deliver good value for your money. Furthermore, we handle our soda blasting procedures in tidy fashion as no residues will be present after work. This is because sodium bicarbonate (soluble compound) is water soluble without additives.

At AMC Soda Blasting, we are environmentally conscious, hence, no element is involved that can severe the atmosphere or endanger human safety. Though commercial soda blasting is our area of specialty, we equally execute residential projects too. They include driveway sealer removal, fire damage cleaning, brickwork cleaning, glass cleaning, metal, and automotive cleaning etc. We’re quite good at what we do! This is sufficiently evident from the constant stream of feedback we get from our clients.

Our team of professionals has an eye for quality, utility, and performance. It is why they have been steadfast in offering the most premium of industry opinions to meet soda blasting demands. And whether it is an anti-fouling paint or epoxy, our modern machines do a great job at removing all.

We also observe ethical blasting practices on the completion of projects. For us, aesthetics and performance are all that matters and we look forward to working with you. Reach us today to request a quote.

Our Soda Blasting Equipment is Portable (Mobile Soda Blasting)

At AMC Soda blasting, we recognise the important role of functionality in blasting services. That is why our soda blasting equipment is portable, yet effective, to cater for your blasting needs regardless of where you are in town. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and is deployed by some of the finest experts in the industry.

Our blasting machines are sturdily made for cleaning (oil, grease, tar, et al), removing dirt, rust, and mill scale. They are designed and made to the highest standard to deliver immense performance rates under the most rigorous operating conditions. With the help of our soda blasting equipment, we offer reliability and low maintenance, efficiency, and ease of use.

We bring the solution right to your doorsteps in our bid to eliminate every niggling problem usually associated with soda blasting and cleaning.