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There are great reasons why more and more people are opting for mobile soda blasting Sydney. Know the benefits of mobile soda blasting Sydney and try it out for yourself too!

One-step Cleaning and De-coating

Clean and de-coat in one easy step. Skip the mess that usually comes with standard blasting. Through mobile soda blasting, you can remove the coating, as well as dirt, and other contaminants with one step. You get the same, if not better, standard of cleanness.

Effective and Gentle Cutting Action

Mobile soda blasting makes use of sodium bicarbonate. This allows the process of cutting with little or no abrasive effect on most substrates. Your delicate substrates are safe with mobile soda blasting Sydney.

Rust Inhibitor

Sodium bicarbonate is also a natural rust inhibitor. Because sodium bicarbonate is alkalic, it works in buffering acids and keeps the substrate from releasing free metal ions that form into rust.

Retain the Profile of Your Surface

Mobila soda blasting will not reprofile steel. This means that you don’t need to spend time and money in re-profiling your surface. All you get is a clean metal substrate.

Less Solid Waste

Mobile soda blasting wastes are mostly easily dissolved in fresh water. The waste solution is generally clean and can be safely released into the public waste treatment systems. Solid wastes from soda blasting is reduced to just about 5%, compared to standard blasting processes.

Less Cleanup/Waste Disposal Costs

Because sodium bicarbonate produces lesser solid wastes, it also means you spend less on clean up and waste disposal. With residue down to just 5%, most of the waste is disposed sustainably via open water drainage.

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