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What is mobile soda blasting?

Mobile soda blasting refers to the use of sodium bicarbonate in removing coatings and other surface contaminants. We use a specialised mobile blasting machine that releases pressurised particles against the substrate. This is a more efficient and similarly effective way of removing coating and surface contaminants.

And, because our service is mobile, we go to you wherever you are in Sydney. That’s an additional convenience for you!

What typical uses are there for Soda Blasting?

Also known as Abraisive Blasting, Mobile Soda Blasting can be used for the following applications:

  • Machinery Blasting - The process of stripping back various types of machinery ready for paint.
  • Building Soda Blasting - From removing paint on old building façade or fixtures to preparing rusty reinforced steel during the construction process.
  • Vehicle/Automotive Blasting - Saving a significant amount of time compared to traditional sanding of vehicles while protecting your pride and joy.
  • Boats/Marine Blasting - The process includes removing gel coat or 2 pack original paint from your fiberglass or aluminum hull to prep for re-paint.
  • Mobile Soda Blasting - The beauty of being mobile; no need to worry about logistics, we come to you, complete the project and leave the site in a clean manner.

Is soda blasting better than other blasting methods?

Soda (or more precisely, sodium bicarbonate) is released against the surface through an air-pressurised machine. The process is non-destructive and does not deform the surface, unlike other blasting methods. You get the same (if not better) clean. Unwanted coating and substances are effectively removed.

In contrast, sand blasting works through abrasion and can damage the surface it’s applied on. At the same time, this results in a lot of solid wastes. With soda blasting, solid wastes can be reduced to up to just 5% of total wastes. That’s good news for the environment. It’s great news for you too since you save up on waste costs!

What surfaces can soda blasting work on?

Mobile soda blasting can be used for most surfaces, including:

  • Fibreglass
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Brick
  • Limestone

Does soda blasting cause rusting?

No! In fact, soda blasting can help prevent rusting. Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance which help prevent the production of rust elements for weeks after your mobile soda blasting procedure.

Does heat build up during soda blasting?

No. One of the advantages of soda blasting is that heat does not build up. This means there is very little risk of deforming the metal substrates.

Where and when is mobile soda blasting work completed?

We can work wherever you are. Our team will go to you. The time it takes for our soda blasting procedure depends on the project.

Do I have a lot of clean up to do when availing soda blasting services?

The good news is that solid wastes can be as low as just 5% of typical sand blasting wastes. This means you have little cleaning up to do, and minor (if any) cleaning up costs to worry about.

How much does mobile soda blasting Sydney services cost?

The price depends on the project. Rest assured, with AMC Soda Blasting, you get the best price available for professional expert soda blasting services.