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AMC Mobile Soda Blasting Sydney

Out of the various cleaning techniques there are, AMC's mobile soda blasting is by far Sydney's preferred method for a lot of reasons. Using soda and compressed air, it effectively removes debris and oil from any surface without damaging the substrate.

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The mobile soda blasting cleaning technique is also know to be non-caustic on materials like glass, rubber, chrome or aluminium trim and rubber. The method suits stripping fiberglass parts and panels too.


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1 No Pre-Cleaning Required

Often, the coating of a material is cleaned before undergoing the procedure of blasting especially for tasks where it is covererd with taints like carbon, grease, and salt. This is essential to prevent future coating failure because such taints can seep through the coating into the material’s substrate. With soda blasting cleaning, the risk of damaging the base layer is mitigated as no pre-cleaning is involved.

2 Unique Cutting Action

With soda blasting cleaning, you get to witness the cleaning wonders of its main component, the sodium bicarbonate. The crumbly and soft features of this compound makes a different cutting action with minimal or no effect on most material surfaces. For instance, thick coatings on a glass can be cleamed without making a chip.

3 Waste Disposal

In most less risky application of soda blasting, the leftover with soda blast media can be rinsed into sanitary sewers, which will transfer it to a water treatment facility. This is immensely reduce the clean up time. Sodium carbonate has been known to be important to waste water treatment systems. Soda blast is an affordable alternative to chemical neutralization for water treatment.

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Deal with the experts - AMC Mobile Soda Blasting Sydney

Our blasting machines are sturdily made for cleaning (oil, grease, tar, et al), removing dirt, rust, and mill scale. They are designed and made to the highest standard to deliver immense performance rates under the most rigorous operating conditions. With the help of our soda blasting equipment, we offer reliability and low maintenance, efficiency, and ease of use.

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Our soda blasting equipment is mobile

At AMC Soda blasting, we recognise the important role of functionality in blasting services. That is why our soda blasting equipment is portable, yet effective, to cater for your blasting needs regardless of where you are in town. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and is deployed by some of the finest experts in the industry.

We bring the solution right to your doorsteps in our bid to eliminate every niggling problem usually associated with soda blasting and cleaning.